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Articles with keyword "Kansas"

Fourth graders in Ottawa in the Depot's one-room schoolhouse.

50 States of Preservation: Franklin County Historical Society in Ottawa, KS

By Ralph Canevali

Located in the town of Ottawa, the Franklin County Historical Society is an important custodian of local history for this part of northeast Kansas.



The English birdman who helped Darwin

The story of an entrepreneurial artist and an avid book collector

Man and woman on a motorcycle, Kansas, circa 1915.


Homegrown History

A retired UPS man takes on a county's archives.

In Focus

Marion Cott: Building Community in Kansas

Marion Cott works to strengthen community in Kansas.


Uncovering a Sunken Treasure

The Hawley brothers speak with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about unearthing a steamship buried in a Kansas cornfield.

Drawing of Jennison's Jayhawkers


Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers

Kansans relive the guerrilla raids of the Border Wars.

Boy with dog fishing


Traveling Photographer Captures Life on the Ranch

A traveling photographer captures the people and place of the American West.

Julie Mulvihill, Executive Director of the Kansas Humanities Council

In Focus

Kansas's Julie Mulvihill

Kansas's Julie Mulvihill travels the state stumping for the humanities.