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Articles with keyword "Islam"

Photo of Shannon Smith, executive director of Wyoming Humanities.

In Focus

Executive Function with Shannon Smith

The state humanities council in Wyoming helps people Think WY.

Abstract artwork


Middle Eastern View

Geometric art connects different cultures.

In Focus

A New Awareness in New York

New York's David Cronin works to teach global understanding.


Of Poets, Prophets, and Politics

For centuries, poetry has expressed the soul of the Arab world.


Islam and Democracy

Some Muslim scholars argue that democracy is a requirement of Islam in the contemporary world.


East and West at Arm’s Length

Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis reflects with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole on relations between Islamic and Christian societies.

Depiction of Islamic scholar Averroës


The Islamic Scholar Who Gave Us Modern Philosophy

Averroës' writings on Aristotle shaped Western philosophy as we know it.

Shah receiving Persian ambassador


Sultans of Swag

A look at "Gifts of the Sultan" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


Fast Track To Sainthood

St. Francis has gone in and out of style.