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Articles with keyword "Iowa"

Grant Wood (America, 1891-1942), Tree Planting Group, 1937

50 States of Preservation: Dubuque Museum of Art in Dubuque, Iowa

By Leah Weinryb Grohsgal

An NEH Preservation Assistance Grant helps the Dubuque Museum of Art preserve art collections focused on the Midwest.

Early cinema in Washington, Iowa


Saving Silent Films

A rare collection finds a new audience.

Herb Plambeck reports from Europe in World War II.


Radio Voices

Iowa reporters bring news of the front to audiences at home during World War II.


Pioneer Painters

Works by three Lutheran artists who shaped the early religious environment in the upper Midwest are on display in Iowa.

In Focus

Iowa’s Christopher Rossi

Christopher Rossi promotes Iowa history through documentary film.

Cartoon, hunters shooting ducks


From Cartoons to Conservation

Jay "Ding" Darling was the best friend a duck ever had.

Jens Jensen


Jens Jensen Designs the Prairie

Jens Jensen found inspiration in the prairie for landscape design.

Zither from the collections of the German American Heritage Center


German American Heritage Center

The zither, commonly found in southern Germany and other parts of alpine Europe, produces the “oompahs” so typical of German folk music.

Image of chaeologists join 8,500 cyclists on the road in Iowa.


Time Travels

Some thirteen thousand years ago, when most archaeologists agree that humans first populated North America, a Paleo-Indian tribe left a cache of stone weapons in southern Iowa, maybe to be finished an

Image of the Garst family welcomin Nikita Khrushchev in 1959 (Roswell Garst, cen


Khrushchev in Iowa

Coon Rapids, Iowa, was crawling with spies.