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Articles with keyword "Humanities"

Tom Wolff photo of William Adams


The Education of William Adams

The new chairman of NEH almost failed out of college. He joined the Army, was sent to Vietnam, and came back a different person.

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Building the Humanities in Utah

Cynthia Buckingham promotes civic culture in Utah.


Streetwise Socrates

A new program offers the humanities as a moral alternative to poverty.


Taking the Humanities to the People

James Veninga, former director of the Texas council, talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about renewing civic life.

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Alice Smith Barkley

For twenty years, North Carolina's Alice Smith Barkley has spearheaded programs ranging from literacy campaigns to oral history training.

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South Carolina’s Randy Akers

Randy Akers: telling South Carolina's story.

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Oklahoma's Anita May

Oklahoma's Anita May reflects on thirty years with the humanities.

Unidentified woman working with scientific equipment.

The Root of STEM: The Buzz from the McBee Hive

By Ann Sneesby-Koch

The science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields are --and will be--essential in a world that is increasingly dependent on digital technology for our social interactions, economic livelihood, national security, and grumpy cat memes.  But this is not to say that the STEM fields have nothing to benefit from the humanities or that technological invention and innovation precludes the vital place humanities education and research has in a digital landscape.

Velosophie participants


Zen and the Art of Cycling

Philosophical journeys in Illlinois.

Maggie Coval

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Maggie Coval of Colorado

Chautauquas, storytelling create "magical format" for the Humanities