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Articles with keyword "Humanities council"

In Focus

Building the Humanities in Utah

Cynthia Buckingham promotes civic culture in Utah.


From Slavery to Scottsboro

The Southern Humanities Media Fund helps chronicle the changing face of the region.


Putting an Old House to a New Use

West Virginia's council saves a landmark and finds a new home.


Taking the Humanities to the People

James Veninga, former director of the Texas council, talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about renewing civic life.

In Focus

Jillette Leon-Guerrero

In the wake of a supertyphoon, Jillette Leon-Guerrero is rebuilding the humanities on Guam.

In Focus

Alaska’s Ira Perman

The Alaska council's director is bridging urban and native cultures.

In Focus

Iowa’s Christopher Rossi

Christopher Rossi promotes Iowa history through documentary film.

In Focus

David Tebaldi of Massachusetts

David Tebaldi enriches public discourse in Massachusetts.

Cara Ungar

In Focus

Oregon's Cara Ungar

Council's slogan is the sound of a new idea.

Photo of Keira Amstutz, CEO of Indiana Humanities

In Focus

Indiana's Keira Amstutz

Humanities programs connect across state.