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Articles with keyword "history"


Virtual St. Louis

A new Web site allows visitors to reconstruct a city's earlier times.


“Little Sure Shot”: the Saga of Annie Oakley

 A new film describes how a ladylike demeanor and deadeye aim made Phoebe Anne Moses famous.

In Focus

Puerto Rico’s Juan González Lamela

Juan González Lamela brings Puerto Rico's heritage to its citizens.

Captain John Smith by Simon de Passe, seventeenth century


Soldier of Fortune: John Smith before Jamestown

Smith's experiences as a pirate, mercenary, and Turkish slave prepare him to survive in the New World.


Firsthand Accounts

A Web site offers manuscripts, maps, and sketches from early Virginia.

Susan Heuck Allen


Impertinent Questions with Susan Heuck Allen

Classists become spies for OSS in World War II Greece. 

Drawing of Jennison's Jayhawkers


Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers

Kansans relive the guerrilla raids of the Border Wars.

Characters from "Desperate Fishwives"


Travale’s Travails

Educational adventure-game explores Elizabethan Age.

Photo portrait of Barbara Tuchman


The Dramatist

Barbara Tuchman saw history as a grand tragedy

National History Day


Historians in Training

Students from around the globe show their mettle at National History Day