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Articles with keyword "Harvard"

Louis Menand


Louis Menand

A writer probes the history of ideas. 

Georgia Plaque for the Appalachian Trail


The Founder of the Appalachian Trail Imagined Something Even Grander

Utopian vision of a Harvard forestry grad

Portrait of Louis Agassiz


The Ambiguous Agassiz

This patriarch of American science was an enemy of Darwin.


How the Marshall Plan Came About

The general's papers reveal the campaign for the plan that rebuilt Europe.


Encountering Bernard Bailyn

His unorthodox ways in the classroom changed the course of history for generations of Harvard students.


The Sage and the Self-Promoter

Emerson's oratory ignites the imagination of the young journalist Walt Whitman.


Philosophy as a Way of Life

Wit and insight are trademarks of Mansfield's scholarship and teaching style.

Drew Gilpin Faust, President of Harvard University


Personal History

NEH Chairman Jim Leach talks with Drew Gilpin Faust, daughter of the South, president of Harvard, and this year's Jefferson Lecturer.

Image of the 7th N.Y. State Militia, Camp Cameron, Washington, D.C., 1861


An Appreciation: A Historian's Historian

A look at the life and career of Drew Gilpin Faust.