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Articles with keyword "Fashion"

Jean Seberg


The Secret Lives of Jean Seberg

A small-town girl from Iowa became the "it" girl of the French New Wave.

Carlota Santana dancing


Flamenco Family Portrait

How New York became a hub for Spanish dance.


Fallout: Art and Design in the Atomic Age

The plastics of wartime were transformed into Tupperware cocktail shakers as a new aesthetic emerged after the dropping of the bomb.


Translating Fashion

A confluence of cultures shapes style in the age of exploration.


Tickling the American Fancy

Kaleidoscopes and other objects reveal the aesthetic of the early nineteenth century.

Hawaiian Garden shirt


Beyond Island Wear

Alfred Shaheen brought Hawaiian fashion to the world.


A Perfect Fit

How the New York garment industry helped shape American society.

Fashionably dressed Parisian women


The Color of Fashion

How two American women changed the stardards of style and scooped the Paris prognosticators.

woman in thin-soled slippers


Teensy-Weensy, Itty-Bitty Shoes

Women's shoes in the early nineteenth century were ideal for doing nothing.

Michael Anton adjusting tie


The Dandy

Author Michael Anton speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the history and influences behind modern men's fashion.