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Articles with keyword "Education"

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum


New Museums Confront Mississippi History, Coming to Terms with Tragedies, Celebrating Triumphs

Artifacts and personal stories tell Mississippi history. 

William James in 1865


The Thinker Who Believed in Doing

Modern psychology, as practiced in the United States, owes a huge debt to William James.

Depiction of Homer in Wedgewood


How Do You Get Students to Study Ancient Greek on a Modern Campus?

From Greek Literature  to Mediterranean Studies, classic departments are adjusting to the times.

Lady Gaga


Addicted to Fame: From the Greeks to Lady Gaga

Today's students recognize themselves in Saint Augustine's "thirst for praise."

A standing portrait of Martha C. Nussbaum taken in January 2017.


Martha C. Nussbaum Talks About the Humanities, Mythmaking, and International Development

Martha C. Nussbaum, the worldly philosopher

Laurie Zierer

In Focus

Executive Function with Laurie Zierer

Pennsylvania Humanities Council director Laurie Zierer works to close achievement gaps through reading, collaboration, and storytelling.

A physician's tools


Chicken Soup and Other Remedies

Is there something about being Jewish that makes an interest in medicine and health more likely?


Learning to Be Free While Sitting in a Maximum-Security Prison

Chicago program brings college-level humanities to maximum security.


The Future of the Humanities: Democracy

Teaching the art of democracy—how humanities education supports civic participation.