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Articles with keyword "Documentary"

Lynn Novick interviewing Duong Van Mai Elliott.


An interview about interviewing with Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein of The Vietnam War

Meredith Hindley of HUMANITIES spoke by telephone with codirector and producer Lynn Novick and producer Sarah Botstein about how they found and conducted the interviews that are integral to the documentary.

To Tell The Truth publicity poster

Will the Real Documentary Please Stand Up

By Public Programs Staff

A history of documentary filmmaking

Tom Bradley with crowd


Tom Bradley’s Los Angeles

Los Angeles elected its first black mayor with a multicultural coalition.

Little Italy, New York City, 1950s


What Sets Italian Americans Off From Other Immigrants?

Family and work for starters, according to a new TV documentary.

Embroidered panel, Janiszew Prison Camp


A Memory of Survival

A woman tells the story of her Holocaust survival through her embroidered art.

Wonder Woman collage


Super Role Model

The evolution of Wonder Woman.


Risen from Our Blood and Tears

An upcoming series tells how Africans made their mark on America from slavery to abolition.