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Articles with keyword "Conservation"

Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Home and Library in Biloxi MS after Katrina

Preparedness Tips for Hurricane Matthew

By NEH Staff

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the Caribbean, it’s important that all individuals and cultural institutions along the entire Southeast coast – and potentially up the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast – prepare for tropical or hurricane storm–force winds.  Check out these tips from FEMA and the Smithsonian.

Aldo Leopold at the Shack


Earthy Wisdom

Aldo Leopold's visionary thinking still guides today's environmental stewards.

Cartoon, hunters shooting ducks


From Cartoons to Conservation

Jay "Ding" Darling was the best friend a duck ever had.

A farmer digs through drifting sand in Oklahoma


Children of the Dust

The Dirty Thirties as witnessed by people who were actually there.

Tobacco wagon


Excerpts from the Writings of Wendell Berry

On work and the work of local culture

Image of John Muir


John Muir, Nature's Witness

The founder of the Sierra Club worshiped the outdoor world.