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Articles with keyword "Civil Rights Era"

Host and writer Henry Louis Gates Jr.


Africans in America

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross tells the story of a people whose sense of identity is distinctly apart and distinctly American


Racism to Redemption

A new film reveals George C. Wallace as a man who made a Faustian bargain for power but sought forgiveness at life's end.


Eleanor Roosevelt

A documentary places the emphasis on Eleanor without Franklin.


A Tense Time in Tennessee

Thurgood Marshall wins a case and nearly loses his life.


Brown v. Board

A Supreme Court ruling fuels the Civil Rights Movement.


"A Good Teacher and a Willing Student"

Education Secretary Rod Paige talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about improving America's schools.

Students pose at the Rosenwald Pee Dee Colored School, South Carolina.


Schools for the South

South Carolina remembers the era of Rosenwald schools.