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Articles with keyword "Cartography"

World map probably consulted by Columbus


Imaging Technology Reveals 15th-cenutry Cartographer’s World View

Christopher Columbus likely used world map

World map in the Western Syriac script


Wherever Syriac Is spoken

Gazetteer provides lay of the land


Uncommon Directions

Some unusual maps trace the progress of the soul and the arc of life.

Captain John Smith by Simon de Passe, seventeenth century


Soldier of Fortune: John Smith before Jamestown

Smith's experiences as a pirate, mercenary, and Turkish slave prepare him to survive in the New World.


Firsthand Accounts

A Web site offers manuscripts, maps, and sketches from early Virginia.

Cantino Planisphere


The Cone of Africa . . . Took Shape in Lisbon

Early Portuguese cartographers traced the coast of the continent with astounding accuracy.