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Articles with keyword "Biography"


An American Legend

A biography of Daniel Boone is published 140 years after it was written.


Margaret Sanger's "Deeds of Terrible Virtue"

A new film tells how Sanger broke taboos and paved the way for birth control reform.


A Nation of Individuals

Scholar John A. Garraty talks about the creation of the new American National Biography.


Celebrating Ernest Hemingway’s Century

Illinois and Idaho celebrate the life of the writer who made the declarative sentence a work of art.


Richer Than Uncle Sam

J.P. Morgan biographer Jean Strouse talks with NEH Chairman William Ferris about the man who collected corporations and Old Masters with equal vigor.


"Every Book is a New Journey"

The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian talks with Chairman Bruce Cole about the delights of discovering history.


Ben and Me

A scholar talks about her forty-eight years with Franklin.


Under the Big Top

Dolley Madison, William Clark, and other historical figures headline in this summer's Chautauqua.


The Nuances of Money

An interview with author James L. W. West III.

In Focus

Alice Smith Barkley

For twenty years, North Carolina's Alice Smith Barkley has spearheaded programs ranging from literacy campaigns to oral history training.