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Articles with keyword "Baltimore"

A physician's tools


Chicken Soup and Other Remedies

Is there something about being Jewish that makes an interest in medicine and health more likely?

Drawing of Isadora Duncan


Dancing for One Hundred Years at the Peabody Institute

The Peabody celebrates a tradition of innovation.

Portrait of Mendes Cohen


A Man of His Times

Mendes Cohen traveled the world to bring back memories and artifacts.

H. L. Mencken with his brothers


H. L. Mencken as a Boy? Oh, Boy!

Mencken's memoirs show a softer side on the sardonic critic


The Making of a Museum

How a deal between a railroad financier and an Italian priest brought art to Baltimore.

Mount Vernon's Hotel Belvedere.


Street Sense

Walking tours of Baltimore's Mount Vernon reveal a neighborhood's literary roots and architectural gems.


Gangs of Baltimore

Election season in a city controlled by nativist hoodlums.

Steam retort


Canny Retort

In Baltimore, the museum of industry charms.