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Articles with keyword "Art"

Inside Wally Cuchine's art gallery/mobile home


The Art of Collecting

An eclectic art show tours to remote spots in Nevada.

Book cover


"Hotter than the Bloomin' Hobs of Hell"

Historically, iron foundries could fire the imagination or soothe the visual palate.

Paintings hang in the gallery.


Picture the South

A traveling exhibition showcases the diversity of Georgia.

Getman collage


“The Greatest Genius of Mankind”

Website on Gulag presents daily struggle for survival

Abstract artwork


Middle Eastern View

Geometric art connects different cultures.

Portrait of Stéphane Mallarmé


Playing Against Type

What happened when Stéphane Mallarmé reimagined the book.

Martin Scorsese during the Venice Film Festival in 1998.


The Art of Martin Scorsese

Former chairman Jim Leach interviews the 2013 Jefferson Lecturer about growing up, making films, and capturing that special "something" on the big screen.

Illustrations of camp life during Civil War


The Comical and the Coffinly

Through humor, Winslow Homer learned to tap into the subtleties of the Gilded Age.


The Playwright

Miller inspires his collaborators with his approach to the creative process.


A Grand Design

Treasures and trifles from the Victoria and Albert Museum are coming to America.