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Articles with keyword "Art History"

Portrait of Ambroise Vollard


The Museumgoer

Always the student, even the famous Cézanne went back to the basics.

Folding screen.


New Money in New Spain

Colonial opulence had to be displayed behind closed doors.


Reconsidering Rivera

The Mexican muralist sought to create art "capable of persuading and educating the masses."



The new chairman talks about what art means to history and what he sees ahead for the Endowment.


A World of Spectacle

An exhibition examines eighteenth-century art in the city that was the intersection of the classical and the contemporary.


On the Trail of Lost Art

Historian Lynn H. Nichols talks about the theft of European treasures in World War II with William R. Ferris.


Chasing Beauty

Meryle Secrest speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the art world and her work as a biographer.


A Silken Path to Trade

Six thousand years of art goes on display at the new Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.


The Life of a Poet

The Pulitzer prize-winning poet speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the links between poetry and painting.

Detail from "Journey of the Magi"


Faces of the Renaissance

A new exhibition at the Walters Museum explores race and identity to ask the burning question, Who's your daddy?