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Articles with keyword "American South"


A Conversation with Drew Gilpin Faust

Historian Drew Gilpin Faust and Chairman Sheldon Hackney discuss how the Civil War changed Southern women.


Coming Full Circle in Civil Rights

Radio recalls the movement's evolution in five southern cities.

Chairman's Note

A Sense of Place

A native Mississippian urges us to value the places we come from.


From Slavery to Scottsboro

The Southern Humanities Media Fund helps chronicle the changing face of the region.


Taking the Humanities to the People

James Veninga, former director of the Texas council, talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about renewing civic life.


Racism to Redemption

A new film reveals George C. Wallace as a man who made a Faustian bargain for power but sought forgiveness at life's end.


"The War that Never Goes Away"

Jefferson Lecturer James M. McPherson talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about the Civil War and the long shadows it still casts over the American landscape.


A Visit from Historian Shelby Foote

The writer shares reflections on the South and history.

In Focus

Mississippi's Barbara Carpenter

Barbara Carpenter collects oral histories that show Mississippi's diverse ethnic heritage.

Brad Gooch


Impertinent Questions with Brad Gooch

On the life of Flannery O'Connor.