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Articles with keyword "American literature"

Susan Shillinglaw


Why does living a bit make Steinbeck relevant?

With Susan Shillinglaw on the 75th anniversary of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath

Photo of E. B. White at his typewriter


The White Pages

America's greatest personal essayist was more than a little shy and intensely self-conscious


Louisa May Alcott's Long-Lost Novel

A seventeen-year-old's scribbles reveal the writer to come.


The Long Shadow of Invisible Man

A film on Ralph Ellison and his novel delves into his position as a black man in America.


"Every Book is a New Journey"

The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian talks with Chairman Bruce Cole about the delights of discovering history.


Almost a Masterpiece

The early version of what became The Great Gatsby will soon be in print.


Uproar in the Classroom

A new film explores how the written word carries explosive consequences.


Trying to Tame Huck Finn

NEH Chairman William R. Ferris talks with Boston teacher Nancy Methelis about confronting controversy in a classic novel.


A Bard for the Powerless

Novelist John Steinbeck, who spoke for the marginalized, is feted in a centennial celebration.