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Articles with keyword "American Indians"



Seven states that share the waters of the mighty Colorado examine their heritage.


Dvořák in America

A century after the composer's death, students discover how he changed classical music in this country.

In Focus

Donald Simmons of South Dakota

Donald Simmons celebrates the Great Expedition in South Dakota.


Strange Alliances

With the fates of North America still uncertain, the French and three Indian tribes raid a British settlement.

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Craig Newbill

Craig Newbill delves into New Mexico's history.


Virtual Trowel

Digging up Arizona's past through a new website.


The Lost City of Cahokia

An exhibition explores an ancient civilization in the American Midwest.

In Focus

Janet Daley

Janet Daley promotes reading programs in North Dakota.


Uncovering Powhatan’s Empire

Excavations reveal the site where John Smith and Chief Powhatan first meet.

Painted Comanche hide, from the mid nineteenth century


Comanche Robe

This painted Comanche hide, which dates from the mid nineteenth century, served as a robe for a child.