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Articles with keyword "American Indians"

Archives Department Open House on May 19, 2017.

50 States of Preservation: Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians in Harbor Springs, MI

By Ralph Canevali

This feature is part of a series we call “50 States of Preservation,” in which we are touring small and mid-sized

Drafting class in the Commercial Arts classroom, IAIA.

50 States of Preservation: Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM

By Ralph Canevali

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Institute of American Indian Arts provides a Native American art and culture-based curriculum to students from across the country.

Photo of Shannon Smith, executive director of Wyoming Humanities.

In Focus

Executive Function with Shannon Smith

The state humanities council in Wyoming helps people Think WY.


Editor’s Note

Many of Cather's enduring characters were inspired by unyielding landscapes.

Painting by John Trumball of Thomas Jefferson and Congress


The History of the Stamp Act Shows How Indians Led to the American Revolution

In the years after the French and Indian War, Britain's strategies to keep its Native American alliances sometimes backfired.

Mohawk woman, eighteenth century


Madam Sacho: How One Iroquois Woman Survived the American Revolution

General George Washington gave the orders to destroy towns and take prisoners in Sullivan’s Campaign, but her story lives on.

Horse mask


Center of the West Displays Powerful Art and Artifacts of Bison Culture

Bear-claw necklaces, warriors' shields, and horse masks greet visitors to Paul Dyck Collection.

Reenactment of a Blackfeet war party.


Healing Spaces

Sweat lodges serve therapeutic role.