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Articles with keyword "Alaska"

Hunters explaining how harpoon heads function. Photographer: Raymond Yakoubian.

50 States of Preservation: Kawerak, Inc., in Nome, Alaska

By Ralph Canevali

the Katirvik Cultural Center maintains an ethnographic collection of materials from the Inupiat, Yupik, and St. Lawrence Island Yupik peoples of Alaska.

Adak Island


Adak Island, Far Out in the Bering Sea, May Be Where the Wind Begins

A photographer documents the nearly abandoned island of Adak, Alaska.



Telling Stories on the Ground

The Yup'ik tradition of storyknifing continues.

Nina Kemppel

In Focus

Nina Kemppel Came Home to Lead Alaska Humanities Forum

The humanities have a big impact on Alaskan life.

David Igler


Sea Captains Changed the Pacific World. David Igler Explains How.

Western Americanist and native Californian David Igler on sea captains who sought their fortunes

photo of a dog-sled team


Dog vs. Airplane

The race to save Nome from a diphtheria outbreak


Thaw of the Ice Curtain

Stories from both sides of the Bering Sea come together in a new exhibition.


A Living Heritage

Alaskan natives reflect on Russian colonization and indigenous identity in a new exhibition.

In Focus

Alaska’s Ira Perman

The Alaska council's director is bridging urban and native cultures.


Keeping Connected

State humanities councils take to the airwaves to tell their stories.