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Articles with keyword "Agriculture"

Historical Agricultural News web site

NEH Data Challenge Winner: Historical Agricultural News

By Amy Giroux, Marcy Galbreath, and Nathan Giroux

Historical Agricultural News, an NEH Data Challenge-winning site by Amy Giroux, Marcy Galbreath, and Nathan Giroux, uses the big data in Chronicling America as a gateway into understanding farming communities, organizations, and practices, and family histories.

Book jacket for The Crusades of Cesar Chavez


New Biography of Cesar Chavez Unearths Gritty Truth

The charismatic organizer and leader faltered as an administrator. 

Wheat growing in fields


Rising Interest in Bread

Modern views, demographic changes leavened Jordanian cultural traditions surrounding the staff of life.

Photograph of a man plowing a field in Colorado

Agricultural Literature and Rural Life

By Jesse Johnston

“Agriculture . . . is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness” —Thomas Jefferson

Tobacco wagon


Excerpts from the Writings of Wendell Berry

On work and the work of local culture

Seaside farmers plowing


Seashore Farmers

U-boats off the coast of Virginia.

Image of the Garst family welcomin Nikita Khrushchev in 1959 (Roswell Garst, cen


Khrushchev in Iowa

Coon Rapids, Iowa, was crawling with spies.