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Portrait of Mendes Cohen

A Jewish Veteran Becomes One of Baltimore's Early Globetrotters

Mendes Cohen traveled the world to bring back memories and artifacts.

Reenactment of a Blackfeet war party.

Veterans Tackle PTSD with Traditional Indian Healing

Sweat lodges serve therapeutic role.

Getty Center

How a City Stroll Can Become a Trip in Deep Geological Time

Touring with urban geology in mind

Georgia Plaque for the Appalachian Trail

The Founder of the Appalachian Trail Imagined Something Even Grander

Utopian vision of a Harvard forestry grad

The MacArthur Theater

Memories of a Neighborhood Movie Theater, from When There Was Such a Thing

Oral histories mark the role of the neighborhood movie house

Illustration of Walter Matthau.

Getting to the Roots of Jewish Comedy

Tracing Jewish-American comedy through the Borsht Belt and beyond

Highwaymen art

The Highwaymen, a School of African-American Artists Who Hawked Their Work on the Side of the Road

The art of Florida's Highwaymen finds a new audience

Appleknockers versus Decatur basketball game.

In 1964, the Appleknockers from Cobden, Illinois, Made It All the Way to the State Championships.

Book recounts how larger rivals fell to the tiny upstart

Prison mural

Armory Arts Village in Michigan Used to Be a State Prison. Now It’s an Artists’ Community.

Michigan prison gets artistic makeover

soldier with flag

A Lot of People in Riverside, California, Came There Because of the Air Force Base.

California shows another side of military life