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Drawing of Isadora Duncan

Dancing for One Hundred Years at the Peabody Institute

The Peabody celebrates a tradition of innovation.

Vel Phillips

Vel Phillips Knocked Down Racial and Gender Barriers in Wisconsin

A diminutive African-American woman became a powerhouse for the civil rights struggle in Wisconsin.

Calamity Jane

Myth Versus Truth in the Life of Calamity Jane: Ask Glenda Bell

Calamity Jane spit, gambled, and dressed like a man and became a Western legend.

Portrait of king seated

Life-Sized Portraits of the Kings and Queens of Nigeria

A hoto exhibit at the Newark Museum.

Drawing of farm

Picturing the Farms of Ohio and Pennsylvania

An itinerant artist chronicles farm life in America.

Deane Keller and Michaelangelo's David

Protecting Art in War

Yale's Deane Keller became a Monuments Man and helped save Italy's treasures.

Hoover Dam

Thinking About the West

Montana puts Western writing on the air.

Mount Vernon

Gardens of Presidents

Gardening was a pasttime and passion for the Founding Fathers.

Charles and Anne Lindbergh in plane

Archaeology from the Air

Charles and Anne find peace from the paparazzi in the Southwest.

Early cinema in Washington, Iowa

Neglected Boxes in a Basement Hold a Treasure of Early Film

A rare collection finds a new audience.