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Detail of the Winged Victory of Samothrace

Searching for the True Origins of the Louvre’s Winged Victory.

For more than 2,000 years, the Winged Victory of Samothrace has been surrounded in mystery, and still she beguiles.

Medieval water vessel (aquamanile) showing Aristotle and Phyllis

Object Lesson: Did Aristotle Really Humiliate Himself for Phyllis?

The legend of Aristotle and Phyllis decorated everyday objects in the Middle Ages.

Caterina Sforza

Caterina Sforza: Fearless Regent and Scientist of 15th-Century Italy

The Renaissance’s concocter of golden recipes.

Mask of Agamemnon


German archaeologist Schliemann had a flare for the sensational find.



First in a Series.

Dustj acket of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Vol. 2

Papa Wheelie

The American Expat Novelist Extolls la Vie Parisienne

Piazza Colonna in Rome

Eternal City’s Building Craze also Bolstered Urban Planning

Study demonstrates that a public voice can help develop a theocratic city

Illustration is of cloister vault in Basel, Switzerland

Late Medieval Architectural Embellishments Left Traces on Early Renaissance

Ironic term makes unequivocal mark

Fox Theatre in Atlanta

Atlanta, School Teachers, and the History of Race Relations Mix in Summer Workshop

Visits to sites relating to city's Jim Crow past have lasting impact