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In Focus

Peter Gilbert, director of the Vermont Humanities Council

Vermont's Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert recruits top scholars to Vermont's monthly gatherings.

Gregory W. Kimura

Alaska’s Gregory W. Kimura

Gregory W. Kimura bridges urban and rural worldviews with humanities programming.

Image of Phoebe Stein Davis

Maryland’s Phoebe Stein Davis

Phoebe Stein Davis is determined to make the humanities relevant.

Erik Jorgensen, executive director of the Maine Humanities Council

Maine’s Erik Jorgensen

Erik Jorgensen, captain of the Maine Humanities Council.

Ann Thompson

Oklahoma’s Ann Thompson

Ann Thompson finds inspiration in Lincoln.

Image of Ralph Lewin

California's Ralph Lewin

From fast times at Clairemont High to the California Humanities, Ralph Lewin has always been fascinated with stories.

Nevada's Judith Winzeler

Judith Winzeler speaks up for Chautauqua.

Connecticut’s Bruce Fraser

Connecticut’s Bruce Fraser stands up for the quieter, shy sister of the arts.

Ted Lord

Ted Lord brings poetry and tech savvy to the humanities in Washington.

Jane Brailove Rutkoff

New Jersey’s Jane Brailove Rutkoff

Jane Brailove Rutkoff brings programs to all corners of New Jersey.