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In Focus

Sara Ogger

In Focus: New York's Sara Ogger

New York's Sara Ogger looks out her window and beyond the city.

Paul Austin

Arkansas's Paul Austin

Putting humanities tools into local hands.

Image of Virginia Carter of the Kentucky Humanities Council

Kentucky’s Virginia Carter

Virginia Carter promotes her state's history with Chautauqua.

Ken Egan, Executive Director of Humanities Montana

Montana’s Ken Egan

Montana native Ken Egan promotes civic dialog across his state.

Gale Peterson, Director of the Ohio Humanities Council

Ohio’s Gale Peterson

Gale Peterson’s plan to teach high school history had one fatal flaw. Not his B.S. in History and Government from Iowa State University.

Ken Sullivan, Executive Director of West Virginia Humanities Council

West Virginia's Ken Sullivan

Ken Sullivan stresses the role of the Civil War in the formation of his state.

Julie Mulvihill, Executive Director of the Kansas Humanities Council

Kansas's Julie Mulvihill

Kansas's Julie Mulvihill travels the state stumping for the humanities.

Jamil Zainaldin

Georgia’s Jamil Zainaldin

Through Georgia's online encyclopedia, Jamil Zainaldin helps disseminate the state's historical gems.

Dena Wortzel, Executive Director of Wisconsin Humanities Council

Wisconsin’s Dena Wortzel

Dena Wortzel finds common ground between rural and urban communities.

Image of Shelley Crisp

North Carolina’s Shelley Crisp

Poet Shelley Crisp brings her passion for place to North Carolina.