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In Focus

Photo of Scott Russell

Scott Russell of the Northern Mariana Islands

Scott Russell balances the interests of locals and newcomers in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Geoff Giglierano and Chief Glenna Wallace

Missouri's Geoff Giglierano

His inspiration comes from the stories people tell.

Sherry DeBoer with three visiting students.

South Dakota’s Sherry DeBoer

Sherry DeBoer brings a love of literature to her native South Dakota.

Stuart Parnes

Connecticut's Stuart Parnes

Parnes takes up the cause of the humanities in Connecticut.

Photo of Julie Ziegler

Washington State's Julie Ziegler

She aims to expand the conversation.

Cara Ungar

Oregon's Cara Ungar

Council's slogan is the sound of a new idea.

Photo of Keira Amstutz, CEO of Indiana Humanities

Indiana's Keira Amstutz

Humanities programs connect across state.

Maggie Coval

Maggie Coval of Colorado

Chautauquas, storytelling create "magical format" for the Humanities

Photo of Bob Stewart looking over tornado damage

Alabama's Bob Stewart

Alabama's Bob Stewart Builds and rebuilds on the humanities.

Christina Barr

Nevada's Christina Barr

Nevada's Christina Barr uses food to foster a sense of community in a diverse state.