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Touring the Battlefields

A colleague pays tribute to a fellow historian and tireless traveling companion.

McPherson Book Excerpts

McPherson's books capture the complexity of the Civil War and the connections between battlefront and home front.

Celebrating American Poetry

A new anthology captures the raw and kinetic energy of a nation celebrating its cultural independence.

Songs of the Sephardim

Scholars are saving the ballads and poetry of a dispersed people.

Racism to Redemption

A new film reveals George C. Wallace as a man who made a Faustian bargain for power but sought forgiveness at life's end.

Fifth National Black Writers Conference

NEH supports a conference on black literature in American life.

On-Site with NEH: A Dakar Journal

Twenty-five high school teachers are immersed in French-speaking West Africa.

The Glory of Russia

The treasures of the Romanovs dazzle visitors.

Uproar in the Classroom

A new film explores how the written word carries explosive consequences.

Almost a Masterpiece

The early version of what became The Great Gatsby will soon be in print.