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Greek urban life, entertainment, and religion come to life in Worcester.

Big Top in a Small Town

Chautauqua road shows keep history alive across America.

Streetwise Socrates

A new program offers the humanities as a moral alternative to poverty.

Putting an Old House to a New Use

West Virginia's council saves a landmark and finds a new home.

From Slavery to Scottsboro

The Southern Humanities Media Fund helps chronicle the changing face of the region.

A Feast for the Senses

With a splash of tradition, the Plains Indian Museum is celebrating a makeover.

The Imperfect Eye of Edward Curtis

A new documentary honors a forgotten photographer and the American Indian culture he wished to save.

On-Site with NEH

An irreverent look at the nation's past wows New Jersey eighth graders.

Dvořák and America

A new film traces the composer's life in the United States and his championing of black music.

Touring the Battlefields

A colleague pays tribute to a fellow historian and tireless traveling companion.