Ben in Print

Thirty-seven volumes and counting.

The Illusionist

Degas, Zola, Verlaine, and others gathered for his Parisian salons.

Tales of Beggars and Nuns, Pirates and Kings

Boccaccio's stories of medieval life are reborn on the web.

Postmark: Renaissance

A trove of letters reveals the wit and intrigue of the Medici courts.


A captive and an owner give firsthand accounts of the transatlantic voyage.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Excerpts from the works of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Crocodiles and Canoes

From terracotta heads to steel sculptures, a new exhibition takes viewers across seven millennia in the Niger Delta.

Safe Harbor

A town in Massachusetts opens its doors to fugitive slaves.

Master of the Skyscraper

A designer leaves his imprint on Chicago’s skyline.

The Long Shadow of Invisible Man

A film on Ralph Ellison and his novel delves into his position as a black man in America.