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Both Sides of the Stethoscope

Patients and health care professionals in Maine come together over a book.

Fighting Jim Crow

Eyewitnesses tell their stories in a new documentary about segregation.

Remembering Baltimore’s Industries

The city's heritage is retold in oral histories.

Working Together

Humanities councils are strengthening our communities.

Under the Big Top

Dolley Madison, William Clark, and other historical figures headline in this summer's Chautauqua.

Beyond the Lightning

A new film captures the restless intellect of Benjamin Franklin.

Our Man in Paris

Benjamin Franklin's papers reveal how he wooed the French to win our war.

Ben and Me

A scholar talks about her forty-eight years with Franklin.

Ben in Print

Thirty-seven volumes and counting.

The Illusionist

Degas, Zola, Verlaine, and others gathered for his Parisian salons.