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Trouble for the Spanish

A Pueblo uprising threatens an empire in the making in the southwest.


The young naturalist rides with gauchos, battles a tidal wave, and develops a theory of evolution.

Ancestral Bones

Archaeological evidence provides a portrait of the fur-trading Omaha.

Lord of the Dance

Bronze sculptures of Hindu deities transform religious worship in southern India.

War Stories

A new film depicts the lives of World War I fighter pilots.

The Treasures of Genghis Khan

His path of destruction across Asia left an unexpected artistic legacy.

The Imprint of Immortality

New digital technology is capturing the laws and legends of ancient Mesopotamia.

"It's Alive"

Frankenstein's monster becomes a metaphor for scientific advances run rampant.

Both Sides of the Stethoscope

Patients and health care professionals in Maine come together over a book.

Fighting Jim Crow

Eyewitnesses tell their stories in a new documentary about segregation.