The Sage and the Self-Promoter

Emerson's oratory ignites the imagination of the young journalist Walt Whitman.

The Trial of Anthony Burns

Students reevaluate the trail of the last fugitive slave and the judge who judged him.


Conservators race to rescue rare manuscripts damaged by floods.

The Unknown Cold War

Top-secret documents provide a glimpse behind the Iron Curtain.

A Silken Path to Trade

Six thousand years of art goes on display at the new Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Breaching the Great Wall

The Manchu came as allies but stayed to rule China.

From Back Roads to Big City

A radio series traces the evolution of country, blues, and rock 'n' roll.

Witness to War

Artist Otto Dix documents the horrors of World War I.

The Amazing Adding Subtracting Composing Creating Do-Everything Machine

An English countess creates the basis for computer software.

Partners of the Heart

An unconventional partnership leads to an advance in cardiac surgery.