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January/February 2016

January/February 2016 edition on ISSUU

A new way to read the magazine that mimics reading it on paper. 

Language allows us to speak to many different minds at once.

The Humanities Are More Economical

What Teaching Political Philosophy and Efficiency Have to Do with Each Other.

cover of The Little Prince

The Grown-Up Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince is being revived as a feature film. And who was the Frenchman who wrote it?

Illustration of Pilgrims

Who Were the Pilgrims Who Celebrated the First Thanksgiving?

Ric Burns’s close look at the Pilgrims may change how we think of them.

Lyndon B. Johnson

On the Fate and Fortunes of Public Goods

A university president maps the way forward for the humanities.

Aldous Huxley

The Talented Mr. Huxley

The author of Brave New World was the master of the dystopic novel.

Dancers at the Spotted Cat

What It Means That We Are Lindy Hopping Again

Yes, the younger generation loves that old time jazz, but why?

A book stall and bookseller  in Delhi

The Future of the Humanities: Reading

As technology advances, doomsayers stay constant.

Spread from November/December 2015

November/December 2015 edition on issuu

A new way to read the magazine online that mimics reading it on paper.

Gilded statue of Tut

King Tut: A Classic Blockbuster Museum Exhibition That Began as a Diplomatic Gesture

When the boy-king was the hottest ticket in town