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The Amazing Adding Subtracting Composing Creating Do-Everything Machine

An English countess creates the basis for computer software.

Partners of the Heart

An unconventional partnership leads to an advance in cardiac surgery.

The Trial of a Young Nation

John Marshall's Supreme Court makes a landmark decision establishing the power of judicial review.

Strange Alliances

With the fates of North America still uncertain, the French and three Indian tribes raid a British settlement.

Lives of Famous Men

Two books may hold clues to murals destroyed in fire five centuries ago.

West by Northwest with the Corps of Discovery

The Corps of Discovery heads into uncharted territory looking for a mythical passage to the Far East.

Trouble for the Spanish

A Pueblo uprising threatens an empire in the making in the southwest.


The young naturalist rides with gauchos, battles a tidal wave, and develops a theory of evolution.

Ancestral Bones

Archaeological evidence provides a portrait of the fur-trading Omaha.

Lord of the Dance

Bronze sculptures of Hindu deities transform religious worship in southern India.