Muse of the Shadowy Realms

H.P. Lovecraft's tales of horror come alive in an upcoming festival.

A Bumper Crop of Literary Events

Montana launches its first One Book program.

The Inaugural Heroes of History Lecture

Robert V. Remini speaks about the nation's founders.

An Imperial Intellect

The legendary Queen Elizabeth of England is the subject of a new exhibition on the 400th anniversary of her death.

Shakespeare Out Loud

A new DVD frees Macbeth from the page and gets students on their feet.

Fragments of Childhood

The everyday life of Greek children is recounted in a new exhibition.

An Hour Upon the Stage

The Federal Theatre Project's brief but controversial life is considered in an upcoming documentary.

Word of Mouth

Oral histories are onstage in Ohio.

David McCullough, Chronicler of America

The Librarian of Congress looks at David McCullough's retelling of the American story.

Russia Engages the World

Peter the Great sets in motion reforms to draw the country out of isolation and mold it into an empire.