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A Penny for a Song

Musical broadsides give a glimpse of nineteenth-century popular culture.

The Medici of the New World

How an art-loving physician named Albert C. Barnes took revenge on the critics by building a collection barred to them.

The Lost City of Cahokia

An exhibition explores an ancient civilization in the American Midwest.

Bronzeville Blues

Recalling how music thrived on Chicago's South Side.

Virtual Trowel

Digging up Arizona's past through a new website.

Fight of the Century

A historic boxing match pits the son of a black Alabama sharecropper against a hero of the Third Reich.

Playful Pursuits

A new exhibition tells the story of how caravans, merchants, and mercenaries conveyed games from Asia to the West.

The Nature of the Game

Olympic combat events reflect the culture and customs of an ancient society.

Isaac Bashevis Singer: Master Storyteller

A rabbi's son takes his tales of the shtetl to America and wins a Nobel Prize.

Hawthorne’s Virtual Salem

A website offers tools to explore the world of the nineteenth-century author.