detail of a mural inside Hollins Market in Baltimore

H. L. Mencken Loved to Cover Political Conventions but Had Little Faith in Voters

Mencken was the poet laureate of political conventions.

Orange being compressed in a hand vise

Who Said, “Compression Is the First Grace of Style”? Democritus or Demetrius?

An erroneous citation that lived on for decades in the text of a well-known poem.

Muslim-American Scouts

How Americans View Muslims—And What They Don’t See

Muslim Americans have more in common with their fellow citizens than the general public might expect.

A photo of carnival revelers wearing masks

In the Edgy Culture of Brazil, the American Poet Elizabeth Bishop Felt Quite at Home.

A visualization of Voltaire's pen pals.

Six Degrees of Voltaire: How Computer Code Developed to Study the Enlightenment Is Connected to the Panama Papers

A tool developed to explore the epistolary connections of Enlightenment intellectuals is being used to put twenty-first-century "power players" in hot water.

photo, woman standing in museum examining painting

How to Visit a Museum

Wearing the right shoes and other tips for getting the most from our palaces of culture

View of a lake in Maine

E. B. White’s Song of Summer

His famous essay takes us to Maine.

Typeset words

NEH’s Founding Legislation in Lead Type

Human/Ties conference offered an opportunity to get your hands dirty.

Marquee for Human/Ties

Academic Prose: Human/Ties Conference Looks at Gap Between the Academy and Popular Culture

Writers, editors, and thinkers discuss what makes good writing.

John O'Hara, novelist of upper-class manners, in a jacket and a tie.

John O’Hara Wrote about the Things Rich People Do. Why Isn’t He Still Famous?

Library of America releases a volume of O'Hara's acclaimed short stories.