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The County Election by George Caleb Bingham

Back When Everyone Knew How You Voted

The secret ballot seems fundamental to democracy, and yet we did not always vote in private.

Witches -- First Walpurgis Night

Try Hawthorne for Halloween, . . . but Leave the Light on

"Young Goodman Brown" is frightfully fine fiction.

A physician's tools

Chicken Soup and Other Remedies

Is there something about being Jewish that makes an interest in medicine and health more likely?

Cyclist riding in front of large anti Europe street mural

The Rise of the Euroskeptic

A dollop of skepticism may be just the thing Europe needs.

Spread from Fall 2016 issue

Fall 2016 edition on ISSUU

A new way to read the magazine online that mimics reading it on paper. (P.S.

Diego Rivera painting

Modernism and Mexico

The Philadelphia Museum of Art celebrates the works of some of Mexico's greatest twentieth-century painters.

Washington Irving and a nineteenth-century Santa Claus

How Washington Irving Shaped Christmas in America

On Washington Irving and the history of Santa Claus

A cartoon showing FDR, Churchill, and reindeer on the roof of the White House.

Christmas at the White House with Winston Churchill

After Pearl Harbor, the British prime minister insisted on visiting President Roosevelt in Washington.

Photo portrait of Vladimir Nabokov

Why Nabokov’s Speak, Memory Still Speaks to Us

Fifty years after its arrival, Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited, continues to draw readers.

One World Trade Center

Touring the New World Trade Center with Its Official Biographer

Getting to the bottom of the complicated rebuilding of an American icon.