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Photo portrait of Vladimir Nabokov

Why Nabokov’s Speak, Memory Still Speaks to Us

Fifty years after its arrival, Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited, continues to draw readers.

One World Trade Center

Touring the New World Trade Center with Its Official Biographer

Getting to the bottom of the complicated rebuilding of an American icon.

Gettysburg Cyclorama

The Battle of Gettysburg Painted . . . in the Round!

Saved from rot, the Gettysburg Cyclorama puts viewers in the center of the Civil War battle.

Learning to Be Free While Sitting in a Maximum-Security Prison

Chicago program brings college-level humanities to maximum security.

Langston Hughes and Shawl

This Shawl Belonged to Langston Hughes (True) and Was Worn by One of John Brown’s Men at Harpers Ferry (Well . . .).

Matthew McConaughey as Newton Knight in Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones the Movie Was Partly Inspired by The Free State of Jones the Book.

The Free State of Jones in Mississippi, led by a freethinking farmer, seceded from the Confederacy.

Spread of "The Power of One"

Summer 2016 edition on ISSUU

A new way to read the magazine that mimics reading it on paper. 

detail of a mural inside Hollins Market in Baltimore

H. L. Mencken Loved to Cover Political Conventions but Had Little Faith in Voters

Mencken was the poet laureate of political conventions.

Orange being compressed in a hand vise

Who Said, “Compression Is the First Grace of Style”? Democritus or Demetrius?

An erroneous citation that lived on for decades in the text of a well-known poem.

Muslim-American Scouts

How Americans View Muslims—And What They Don’t See

Muslim Americans have more in common with their fellow citizens than the general public might expect.