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Church of the Odigitria


Down south in the Russian North.

Edmund Wilson

Who Was Edmund Wilson?

America's greatest reader had overwhelming passions: for beautiful women and exceptional writing.

Cantino Planisphere

The Cone of Africa . . . Took Shape in Lisbon

Early Portuguese cartographers traced the coast of the continent with astounding accuracy.

Mark Twain

Birthday Party Brouhaha

Mark Twain's infamous toast rocked the sensibilities of Boston's Brahmin establishment.

Reflecting Pool garden at Winterthur

Winterthur Inside Out

H. F. du Pont's masterpiece of horticulture.

From the Horse's Mouth

Pinpointing a home of the first Indo-European speakers is a charged task that David Anthony takes seriously.

Vermont's Shelburne Museum

Farmhouse Mod

Great art meets folk art at Vermont’s Shelburne Museum

One Master, Many Cervantes

Numerous translations of Don Quixote, some made without knowledge of Spanish, attest to the novel’s long reach.

Poe Man’s Immortality

The great writer lives on in cartoons and comic books.

Vodka in South Bend

Russian music and mentoring create an unlikely colony of artists.