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Image of Dolley Madison.

The Politics of Love

Dolley Madison gained influence through kindness.

Image of Madison Avenue entrance to Morgan Library.

The Museum of Morgan

At the recently expanded Morgan Library, visitors encounter architectural treasures and a peerless collection of manuscripts and art.

Image of Tres de Mayo (1814) by Francisco de Goya

The Spanish Ulcer

Napoleon, Britain, and the Siege of Cádiz.

Charlton Heston playing Ben-Hur

Ben-Hur: The Book that Shook the World

The Book That Shook the World

Tracing of Louisa May Alcott's hand

Little Woman

The devilish, dutiful daughter Louisa May Alcott.

Fellow WPA writers in 1930s Oklahoma City: Paskavan, L’Amour, Thompson

Soul of a Writer

Jim Thompson found the makings of a new and gritty style working on the Oklahoma State Guide.

Portrait of Emperor Kangxi in Court Dress

Imperial Scrolls of China

Monumental paintings from the Qing dynasty document the power of its emperors.

Brian Balough

The American History Guys' Backstory

The humanities version of Car Talk.

Samuel Johnson's 1755 Dictionary

What Samuel Johnson Really Did

He made dictionaries matter.

Regional map of Burnham's Chicago Plan

Taming the Savage City

One hundred years later, Daniel Burnham's Plan of Chicago still inspires.