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Image of definition of "aint" from Webster's Second.

Ain’t That the Truth

Webster's Third: The Most Controversial Dictionary in the English Language.

Image of Wallace Stegner

Proud Flesh

A recollection of Wallace Stegner.

Herman Melville

Swimming Through Libraries

What Herman Melville read, and how he read, inspired his masterpiece.

Image of Golden Notebook website

What IF?

The book gives way to the download, and solitary reading transforms into virtual conversations.

Leon Kass

Great Expectations

In the classroom and in daily life, the bioethicist believes in the best of human nature.

Prescott Hall, leader of the Immigration Restriction League

Immigration and the Brahmins

An influx of undesirables at the end of the nineteenth century hit Boston's elite rather hard.

What Words Are Worth

In defense of the humanities.

Darwin the Young Adventurer

The budding naturalist avoids life as a minister and finds himself aboard the Beagle.

The Death of James Lee Byars, 1982/1994

Outside the Frame

How Asia changed the course of American art.

Portrait of Mary St. John Hutchinson

British Modernism’s Many Manners

The Bloomsbury group broke ties with Victorian ideals and reimagined British art.