Martha Hill improvises on Bennington’s tennis courts, 1936.

Grassroots Modern

New York dancers take to the country.

John Mitchell, Jr., editor, Richmond Planet

Brother from the Richmond Planet

Crusading Journalist John Mitchell Jr. took on the lynchers.

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson, Gardener

In her own time she was better known for her hydrangeas.

Our Founding Novelist

Charles Brockden Brown mixed spontaneous combustion with Gothic horror.

Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill

Murder on Foot

The walking tour goes digital.

Linking Verse across Adjoining Rooms, detail

Sister Poets

In China they were called cainü.

Playwright John Patrick Shanley

The Gorgeous Unstoppable Tennessee Williams

And how he changed our sense of beauty.

Sketch of Kierkegaard by Niels Christian Kierkegaard, c. 1840.

The Fork And The Shrink

Kierkegaard was a psychologist of sorts, but unlike Freud he believed in God.

The War 150 Years Later

As the sesquicentennial nears, a selection of past, present, and future humanities projects.

An Ancient Chinese Poet, facsimile of original Chinese scroll, Chinese School.

The Making of Jonathan Spence

From Winchester College to The Search for Modern China.