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Mount Auburn Cemetery

Sweet Auburn

Cambridge's pastoral gateway to paradise set the trend for modern cemeteries.

Manuscript from Michael of Rhodes

Sailor of Fortune

Michael of Rhodes was not your typical fifteenth-century Venetian, and he left his manuscript as proof.

Portable amulet shrine from eastern Tibet

American Zenophilia

Our fascination with Buddha goes well beyond power drinks and movie stars.

Self Portrait with Rita, Thomas Hart Benton

Portrait of the Artist Before and After

Thomas Hart Benton was famous when he wrote his autobiography, forgotten when he updated it.

Eight Who Make a Difference

The 2009 Humanities Medalists.

Image of edition of <em> Stèles</em>, first published in 1914.

The End of Man

And the Art of Victor Segalen.

Image of Hypostyle Hall at Karnak.


Where the digital age meets ancient Egypt.

Image of Beowulf manuscript.

Violent But Charming

The Dictionary of Old English explores the brutality and elegance of our ancestral tongue.

Image of Dolley Madison.

The Politics of Love

Dolley Madison gained influence through kindness.

Image of Madison Avenue entrance to Morgan Library.

The Museum of Morgan

At the recently expanded Morgan Library, visitors encounter architectural treasures and a peerless collection of manuscripts and art.