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National Humanities Medal

Ten Extraordinary Lives

This year's class of National Humanities Medalists.

Image of John Muir

John Muir, Nature's Witness

The founder of the Sierra Club worshiped the outdoor world.

Image of Herbert Hoover

The Politics of Food

How America kept Russia from starving.

Chinese novelist Mo Yan

Mo Yan 101

Sometime in the late 1960s or early seventies, a neighbor told Guan Moye about a writer he knew whose work was so popular that he could afford to eat jiaozi—“those tasty little pork dumplings

Young Union soldier with bayoneted musket, knife, and revolver.

"Daybreak Gray and Dim"

How the Civil War changed Walt Whitman's poetry.

The Oval by G. Noble Wagner

A Sculptured Landscape

Fifty-five outdoor sculptures define a modern sensibility at tiny Ursinus College.

Building the Panama Canal

Digging Across Panama

The Americans triumphed over yellow fever, landslides, and worker strikes to change the earth's landscape.

Chicago’s 1933 Century of Progress Exposition

Enchanting Reality

World's fairs during the Depression.

The Desire and the Satisfaction, 1893, by Jan Theodore Toorop

The Confessional Culture

In search of healing, we've said goodbye to privacy.

photo of metal maze, inscribed with philosopher names and branches of philosophy

A Homepage for Philosophy

A free online encyclopedia written and edited by experts.