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The Well-Wrought Textbook

The making of the midcentury English department classic, Understanding Poetry.

Robert E. Lee astride Traveller

How Did Robert E. Lee Become an American Icon?

The man was remembered, but not his cause.

Shah receiving Persian ambassador

Sultans of Swag

A look at "Gifts of the Sultan" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Edmund Byrne's house

A Texas-Sized Renovation

Buried Treasure in Austin.

Image of the 7th N.Y. State Militia, Camp Cameron, Washington, D.C., 1861

An Appreciation: A Historian's Historian

A look at the life and career of Drew Gilpin Faust.

Image of segregated bus station in Durham, North Carolina, 1940

Freedom Riders

Telling 436 stories in one documentary.

Image of bench/ step-stool from former East Germany

California's Cold War Museum

All things communist -- from the Berlin Wall to Soviet tchotchkes -- find a home at the Wende.

Image of Josh White with guitar

This Land Is Our Land

The Popular Front and American culture.

Lev Manovich in front of the HIPerSpace.

Graphing Culture

Lev Manovich uses supercomputing to see the big picture.

Image of Alexander Hamilton

History's Exemplars

Richard Brookhiser shows the relevance of Alexander Hamilton to our modern lives.