The hero of Gilgamesh ruled the ancient city of Uruk circa 2750 BCE.

Lessons from a Demigod

Gilgamesh was a brutal tyrant who foolishly tried to defeat death.

James Agee portrait, standing in a window.

Let Us Now Praise James Agee

The journalist who pioneered serious film criticism showed a cinematic touch in all of his writing.

Etching of Rousseau

Friends of Rousseau

Some of the people he has influenced don't even realize it.

Wendell Berry with arm around statue

The Thing (or Things) About Wendell Berry

An Appreciation by Mark Bittman

Churchill and FDR at Second Washington Conference

Friends and Allies

Over their staffs' objections, Roosevelt and Churchill set in motion the invasion of North Africa.

Tobacco wagon

Excerpts from the Writings of Wendell Berry

On work and the work of local culture

"Disatisfied": a woodblock illustration by Lafcadio Hearn

Lafcadio Hearn in New Orleans

The misfit journalist felt at home in the marginalized world he wrote about.


Montage of Harriet Beecher Stowe and a family letter.

Parlor Politics

The area of Nook Farm was a hotbed for Stowe and her activist circle.

Portrait of Gouverneur Morris

Ungoverned Passion

Founding Father and ladies' man Gouverneur Morris flees revolutionary Paris to discover the delights of central Europe.

Helen Clay Frick standing, wearing black trench coat, in Belgium.

All the Art

The records division at the Frick continues working toward the great goal of its founder.