National History Day

Historians in Training

Students from around the globe show their mettle at National History Day

Burying the dead from the Battle of Cold Harbor

The Living and the Dead

The Civil War divided Americans into two kinds of people.

Cholula-style ceramic goblet

Artists Rule

How a feathered serpent god presided over a forgotten golden age of Mexican art.

<em>The Apotheosis of Washington</em>

The Other Jefferson Davis

The U.S. Capitol, as we know it today, would never have existed without Jefferson Davis.

Silhouette of George Washington

How to Be Presidential

George Washington was not born a leader but he carefully made himself into one.

title page treatment for "Not Exactly A Hermit" by Danny Heitman

Not Exactly a Hermit: Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau went in for society, but on his own terms.

Photo portrait of Barbara Tuchman

The Dramatist

Barbara Tuchman saw history as a grand tragedy

Frenchman weeps as Germans occupy Paris

Julien Green: The End of a World

As Germany occupied France, Green brought Paris to life in his superlative diaries.

Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche Is Dead

The battle for Nietzsche's legacy began when Count Hary Kessler met Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche.

Illustration of medieval mystery play.

The Body of Christ

Theology became flesh and blood in the sacred street theater of medieval England.