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Actors from Slavery by Another Name


How African-American bondage came back after emancipation.

Detail from "Journey of the Magi"

Faces of the Renaissance

A new exhibition at the Walters Museum explores race and identity to ask the burning question, Who's your daddy?

letter press type

Do-It-Yourself Language

Esperanto, Klingon, "Oirish," and others.

The Eye of a Lady by Anonymous, ca. 1800

The Mysterious Miss Austen

Two hundred years ago, Pride and Prejudice was anonymously published.

Scene from "The Abolitionists"

The Agitator

William Lloyd Garrison burned the Constitution as he roared against the injustice of slavery.

Hand showing small pox pustules

Pox in the City

From cows to controversy, the smallpox vaccine triumphs.

Performance of <em>Twelfth Night</em>

Shakespeare in Six Parts

Actors and Scholars explore the hidden wonders of more than a half dozen plays.

Collage of images suggesting the humanities.

Looking for Truth in Utah

How one university course has affected a generation of mostly Mormon students.

Guastavino vaulted staircase, 1914

Vaulting Ambition

The artful masonry of Rafael Guastavino rediscovered.

A farmer digs through drifting sand in Oklahoma

Children of the Dust

The Dirty Thirties as witnessed by people who were actually there.