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Illustration of Benedict Spinoza

Why Spinoza Was Excommunicated

Before writing a single book, Bento de Spinoza was considered a dangerous thinker

Protest sign from the student strike in Prince Edward County, Virginia

Massive Resistance in a Small Town

The long struggle for integration in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

"The Battle of Lake Erie" by Julian O. Davidson

Roosevelt the Revisionist

Young TR takes on the War of 1812.

Illustration of nocturnal scene of a pool, a carp, and fireflies

Amy Lowell Anew

She was more interesting than her biographers let on.

65th Infantry in Puetro Rico, 1941.

El Movimiento

Latino Americans, a sweeping new documentary, chronicles the experiences of Hispanics in the United States.

illustration of a 1950s computer

The Rise of the Machines

How to turn language, the core operating system of the humanities, into numbers . . .

"I ask no quarter and I fear no foe." —William Goebel, 1899

The Late Governor Goebel

Governor Goebel: He fought, killed, and was killed.

Portrait of Aaron Burr in 1802

Burr versus Jefferson versus Marshall

The president accuses his former vice president of treason and tussles with a Supreme Court justice.

Lady Bird Johnson and hostesses aboard the Lady Bird Special

Lady Bird Special

The first First Lady to hit the campaign trail without her husband

Among the Waves by Ivan Aivazovsky

The Blue Humanities

In studying the sea, we are returning to our beginnings.