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photo of a dog-sled team

Dog vs. Airplane

The race to save Nome from a diphtheria outbreak

Image of 1835 revolt of slaves in Brazil

Manifest Beauty

"Bandits & Heroes, Poets & Saints," featuring the art of Brazil is on exhibit in Detroit.

Portrait of Louis Agassiz

The Ambiguous Agassiz

This patriarch of American science was an enemy of Darwin.

Aldo Leopold at the Shack

Earthy Wisdom

Aldo Leopold's visionary thinking still guides today's environmental stewards.

Portrait of Stéphane Mallarmé

Playing Against Type

What happened when Stéphane Mallarmé reimagined the book.

Illustration of Benedict Spinoza

Why Spinoza Was Excommunicated

Before writing a single book, Bento de Spinoza was considered a dangerous thinker

Protest sign from the student strike in Prince Edward County, Virginia

Massive Resistance in a Small Town

The long struggle for integration in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

"The Battle of Lake Erie" by Julian O. Davidson

Roosevelt the Revisionist

Young TR takes on the War of 1812.

Illustration of nocturnal scene of a pool, a carp, and fireflies

Amy Lowell Anew

She was more interesting than her biographers let on.

65th Infantry in Puetro Rico, 1941.

El Movimiento

Latino Americans, a sweeping new documentary, chronicles the experiences of Hispanics in the United States.