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Back of Napoleon

Digital Boot Camp for Military Historians

Historians release their inner computer geek.

Little Italy, New York City, 1950s

What Sets Italian Americans Off From Other Immigrants?

Family and work for starters, according to a new TV documentary.

Portrait of Ambroise Vollard

Paul Cézanne Revered the Old Masters, yet Influenced Waves of Modernists as They Broke with the Past

Always the student, even the famous Cézanne went back to the basics.

Sono Osato

The Original Miss Turnstiles: Sono Osato Starred on Broadway While Her Japanese Father Was Interned

Provocative casting in On the Town.

The Low family

The Chinese Exclusion Act Raised the Price of Becoming an American

 A new exhibit tells the story from the immigrant’s point of view.

A Thurber cartoon of a house that is also an unfriendly man.

James Thurber Lost Most of His Eyesight to a Tragic Childhood Accident

And grew up to see the world in a bizarre and hilarious light.

Pocket map-slash-playing card.

Imagine Nation: How Pocket Maps Helped Poets and Subjects Reenvision England

A GPS for sixteenth-century travelers.

illustration of two girls sitting at piano, playing it

What Is Music?

An ethnomusicologist says he is not sure.

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards in a New Light: Remembered for Preaching Fire and Brimstone, He Was Actually One of the Great Intellectuals of His Era.

New England's most famous preacher and the Great Awakening. 

Rare Book School Director Michael F. Suarez, S.J.

Summer Camp for Book Nerds: Why I Keep Returning to Rare Book School

How to read a book: For starters, remember it's a physical object