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Photograph of Georgia O'Keeffe in Hawaii

Georgia O’Keeffe Paints Hawaii

Inspired by a lush landscape completely unlike her beloved desert, Georgia O'Keeffe put her own stamp on Hawaii.

cover of Atlantic Africa

Ex libris

From archeaology and religion, to history and linguistics, new books cover a variety of disciplines.

hipster with cell phone

What Would Thoreau Think of Our 24-Hour News Cycle?

He believed that faster news meant diminished quality.

The Messy Genius of W. H. Auden

illustration of "Bernice Bobs Her Hair"

How a Government Program to Spread Literary Culture Hit Upon a Great Formula

In the 1970s, a PBS miniseries brought short stories to the screen with significant success.

Detail of the tilework and one of the seven doors to Dar el-Makhzen.

During World War I, Edith Wharton Visited the Desert and Harems of Morocco, Leading to an Unforgettable Book

Taking a break from the Great War, the intrepid writer finds inspiration in the Maghreb.


A Museum that Tells the History of Manufacturing from Civil War Rifles to Modern-Day Retail

New England mills adapated to the needs of the twentieth century.

Eudora Welty 1970

Eudora Welty Relished the Southern Summer Heat

From the sights and sounds of her open windows, she noted the changing of seasons.

Kay Boyle

Kay Boyle Knew Everyone and Saw It All

A writer witnesses a century of change

Bruce Cole

Remembering Bruce Cole

The former NEH chairman believed passionately in the power of the humanities