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Illustration depicting telemedicine

When Television Was a Medical Device

Television was once the wave of the future in health care.

Kahn at Yale art gallery. built in 1953

“You Say to Brick”: Louis Kahn Begins to Articulate the Ideas that Define His Architecture.

A picture of the famed architect before the fame


The Dismal Swamp: One Road out of Slavery Took You Straight into the Boggiest Place You’ve Ever Been.

Archaeologists in Virginia seek to know more about the lives of slaves who escaped and lived off the land.

The tapestry Justice Liberating Innocence

Love and Justice for Each: Martha C. Nussbaum Through the Eyes of a Friend and Colleague

Martha Nussbaum, a modern philosopher with a passion for Greek and Roman Classics

Mourning Lincoln cover

Ex libris: Books Recently Published with NEH Support

See the latest works from NEH grantees.

St. Nicholas Magazine

What Did Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, and E. B. White Have in Common?

So many great American writers got their start in a children's periodical.

Phedre and Theseus

The Play Speaks to You: How a Translator Stays True to the Text and Connects with the Audience

The tragedy of Phèdre transcends its original verse. 

John Ruskin

John Ruskin Taught Victorian Readers and Travelers the Art of Cultivation

His power of observation gave “eyes” to generations. 

Young people in front of a theater in Berkeley, California, in the early 70s

The Late Great Planet Earth Made the Apocalypse a Popular Concern

How could one book be read so differently by millions of people?

Thoreau and Mary Moody Emerson

Mary Moody Emerson Was a Scholar, a Thinker, and an Inspiration

She saw connections among the minds she encountered in books and in person.