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Kay Boyle

Kay Boyle Knew Everyone and Saw It All

A writer witnesses a century of change

Bruce Cole

Remembering Bruce Cole

The former NEH chairman believed passionately in the power of the humanities

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra performs in Music Unwound.

Can Orchestras Be Reinvented as Humanities Institutions?

Music Unwound brings the humanities to the concert stage

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass Once Turned to Fiction to Describe What He Considered True Heroism

The story behind Douglass's only novella

Digital tools

The Office of Digital Humanities Turns Ten

Funding projects

Monty Python's Spamalot

Why Americans Think British Words Are Silly and Adorable

Although brolly is British, bumbershoot is surprisingly American.

Boy looking at stream

Environmental Prophet Rachel Carson Cultivated a Culture of Wonder

Her writings show another side of the author of Silent Spring.

Carving of Mayan hieroglyphs

Texting in Ancient Mayan Hieroglyphs

Scholars are finding ways to communicate electronically in languages that don't use standard alphabets.

Student protesters at Southern University

A New Documentary Casts a Light on the 1972 Tragedy at Southern University

Shot dead for protesting

Portrait of Shirley Jackson

The Voice of Shirley Jackson Was Unnerving and Full of Foreboding

In a rare audio recording, the author revealed what her writing sounded like to her.