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Carving of Mayan hieroglyphs

Texting in Ancient Mayan Hieroglyphs

Scholars are finding ways to communicate electronically in languages that don't use standard alphabets.

Student protesters at Southern University

A New Documentary Casts a Light on the 1972 Tragedy at Southern University

Shot dead for protesting

Portrait of Shirley Jackson

The Voice of Shirley Jackson Was Unnerving and Full of Foreboding

In a rare audio recording, the author revealed what her writing sounded like to her.

What Drove Ulysses Grant to Write about the Civil War

William James in 1865

The Thinker Who Believed in Doing

Modern psychology, as practiced in the United States, owes a huge debt to William James.
W. S. Merwin

Over a Career Spanning Six Decades, American Poet W. S. Merwin Transformed Anger into Art

Translation, travel, theater, and nature inspire an independent poet.

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

New Museums Confront Mississippi History, Coming to Terms with Tragedies, Celebrating Triumphs

Artifacts and personal stories tell Mississippi history. 

Two American soldiers in Pleiku, South Vietnam, in May 1967

Studying the Vietnam War

What new scholarship is teaching us about the Vietnam War.

The Q'eswachaka, a Rope Bridge in Southern Peru and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Building a Bridge Without a Plan

Language and lore keep an ancient bridge-building technique alive in Peru's highlands.

Photo portrait of Sherwood Anderson

On My Obsession with Sherwood Anderson

How one writer's romantic illusions about small town America led him to a great novelist.