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Fireworks in Washington, D.C.

Independence Day Special: How I Learned to Love Patriotic Poetry

From “Paul Revere’s Ride” to “Barbara Frietchie,” poems use some fiction to inspire love of country. 

Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau Becomes a Professional Author and Finds His Greatest Subject Is Himself

It was at Walden Pond that Thoreau came into his own as a writer.

Simulation of Thoreau's cabin from Walden, a game.

In Walden the Video Game, You the Player Are Henry David Thoreau

There's no contradiction in using a video game to connect with Thoreau.

World War I recruiting poster

World War I Changed America and Transformed Its Role in International Relations

The Library of America's new anthology explores World War I with accounts from people who experienced it.

Jack Benny standing before a radio mic

How Jack Benny and Harry Conn Stumbled onto the Formula for Situation Comedy

Jack Benny was a radio comedian with a big problem: He was running out of jokes.

Illustration depicting a conflicted person

Historians Disagree About Everything, or So It Seems

There is no shortage of ideas on how to teach American history.

Truman Capote bids farewell to staff after signing for stock at Random House

Tru Life: How Truman Capote Became a Cautionary Tale of Celebrity Culture

Truman Capote was the toast of New York—and then he was not.

Clifton Fadiman

Clifton Fadiman Didn’t Mind Being Called Schoolmasterish

His Lifetime Reading Plan was an erudite booklist for everyman.

Illustration depicting telemedicine

When Television Was a Medical Device

Television was once the wave of the future in health care.

Kahn at Yale art gallery. built in 1953

“You Say to Brick”: Louis Kahn Begins to Articulate the Ideas that Define His Architecture.

A picture of the famed architect before the fame